Bringing the freshest California has to offer into every cup.


We love what we do.

Growing up in a tiny farmer’s village situated north of the Sea of Galilee,

my country surroundings allowed me to find a unique connection to the land.

I spent most of my childhood learning to love and harvest nature's freshest and finest.


Turning that love into a passionate career brought on great adventures,

from head chef at top restaurants around the world,

to heading a top catering company in San Francisco & Silicon Valley.


Seeing my son turn one sparked a desire

to go back to waking up before the crack of dawn,

go to the local market and inhale the aromatic smells of fresh produce

as inspiration to start my day.


There was no one I’d rather do it with than my brothers-in-law.

One having an international background,

and years upon years of management experience,

The other finishing three years of service

and a year backpacking around the world.

I asked them both to move to the other side of the world

so that we can take this ride together,

so that we can bring you amazingly healthy smoothies, 

so that we can make your day healthier... fresher... sweeter! 

Smoothie Rider is exactly that.


All our fruits and vegetables are fresh, seasonal and locally grown.

Our smoothies are handmade,
from the date honey to the almond milk, and everything in between.

We look forward to meeting you each day, every day,

hearing your story,
learning what you’d like to taste next…