15. December 2017
Even on the best of days, it can be hard to find the energy to eat healthy. That is especially true when you’ve got small children who have different eating schedules and picky diets. Between school, sports, and other after school activities, finding the time to incorporate healthy whole foods can feel overwhelming.

05. December 2017
Being healthy is a lifestyle choice, and it looks different for every person. It should be up to you, your body, and your doctor to determine what healthy is for you. That said, here are some simple ideas that will help you maintain a healthy relationship with food throughout the year.

28. November 2017
Our muscle cells are like little engines, and they need the right fuel to run at peak performance. But what, and when, should you eat?

16. November 2017
Thank you to SDVoyager for featuring Smoothie Rider...enjoy!

04. November 2017
Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. Our 30 lb. turkey is already ordered, but considering we will have all of five people at our Thanksgiving celebration this year, the risk of overeating this holiday season is highly likely.

25. October 2017
Less fat. Less sugar. More meat. Less meat. Veggies only. Nightshades can only be eaten on Mondays and Fridays. Cook food using the tools and techniques our ancient ancestors would have used….wait, what? It seems like the world of dieting becomes more and more complicated each day. In the face of endless fads and gimmicks, the idea of “clean eating” has gathered a significant following in fitness circles and social media sites such as Instagram.

24. July 2017
Family-Owned Smoothie Rider Opens First Location in Liberty Public Market!